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Bonin is a family business from Padova since 1956.

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CROSS LTD is a Bulgarian company established in 1995 specialized in bicycle manufacturing. Their range of bicycles include E-bikes (the electric bicycle), trekking bicycles perfect for excursions, the urban bicycle for the city, off-road and mountain bikes, all the way to junior; the bicycles for the smaller ones!

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The desire of a group of cyclists to share their passion for bicycle touring with their differently abled friends is what prompted the idea of the CicloVespa. To fit this purpose, two fundamental points were observed during the design and subsequent production of the side-bike:…

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For more than 60 years, Lapierre has combined technological innovation, aesthetics, attention to detail and its experience in the most important races to offer the most beautiful and efficient bikes to aficionados.

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Via Veneto

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The simplicity of Via Veneto‘s mix of retro style and technological accents catch you eye and make their bicycles unique. Via Veneto is in its essence the perfect combination of yesterday and tomorrow. Handmade in Italy and rigorously quality checked. I l♥ve Italy

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Velomarche was established in 1987 and was already at the time a company of great quality. Their products range across the entire cycling sector, with bicycles for all types of uses; from the smallest two-wheelers for children all the way to the professional bicycles for…