Claudio Cicli Coste


Coste di Pacini Claudio & C. S.a.s.

Coste has been in the cycling business since 1981.
It started off as a supplier of mid and high-end bicycle and accessory brands and has specialized in building high quality (road and off-road) bicycles.

In 1989 Coste transfered to its current location, where you can find a vast selection of bicycles and accessories to fit everyones needs; from 0 to 100!

Claudio took over the family business in 2007, and is the current and sole owner.
Many years of experience have helped perfect the technical skills and services offered within the business.

In 2013 the brand Ciclovespa was showcased internationally, presenting a product entierly invented, designed and built by Coste. The Ciclovespa side-bike is a unique (and patented) solution, which allows anyone to bring along a friend in a wheelchair for a bike ride.

Vecchio logo della Ditta Coste